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Audio Recordings**Tour Page**

Please Note: This is exactly what the Members Area will look like and these are only a few photos for the tour once you join you will have full access to all my Audio Recordings. 

My 30 Minute Audio Recording

Audio Tape.jpeg

Volume 1: Interview, Dildo & Masturbation

Side One:

Listen to me in the privacy of my own home talking about myself and about me fucking you.

Length: 15 Minutes

Audio Recording Trailer - Side OneMicky Lynn
00:00 / 00:40

Side Two:

Hear me moan and groan while I shove my fingers and a dildo in my wet pussy. Hear me cum on my bed, while I lick my tits and play with myself.

Length: 15 Minutes

Audio Recording Trailer - Side TwoMicky Lynn
00:00 / 00:35

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Join my official members area and get unlimited access and I will be adding new content monthly..

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