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VCA Pictures - 1994


Untouched by Human Hands... Almost.

​It's special, it's reserved. It's Special Reserve!


This is a vintage year for sex, so crack open a case of the hottest new babes in the business and drink deep of their erotic encounters as they take you on a tasting tour unlike any other.


Whether you partake of the grape or not, you'll surely find yourself drunk with pleasure when you indulge in Special Reserve. And please remember no to view and drive.


Starring: Micky Lynn - Tony Martana - Monroe Tobiana - Veronica Brasil - Natasia - Mark Saunders - Chase


Scene 1: Monroe Tobiana - TT Boy - Tom Bryon

Scene 2: Veronica Brasil - Chase

Scene 3: Natasia - Mark Saunders

Scene 4: Micky Lynn - Chase

Scene 5: Monroe Tobiana - Guy

Special Reserve

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