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This VHS movie is from my personal collectible catalog and I only personally autograph it.


Legend Video - 1993


Meet the all girl, hard-core, air corps


Welcome to the No Fly Zone, an all woman Air Force training facility. It's mission to combat a Russian chemical warfare scheme designed to weaken the will of our fighting men.


Our first line of defense PJ, Mikki, Angel and Sydney.


And the all girl sex action never stops. PJ is all over Angel's huge tits - up in a tree! Cute little Mikki gets in on with hot Latin Alicia Rio. While insatiable Melanie Moore burns through a three-way.


Make love and war. No Fly Zone. Only from Legend


Starring: Micky Lynn - Alicia Rio - Angel Bust - Melanie Moore - Sydney St James - PJ Sparxx 


Scene 1: Micky Lynn - Sydney St James - Melanie Moore

Scene 2: Angel Bust - PJ Sparxx

Scene 3: Micky Lynn - Alicia Rio

Scene 4: Angel Bust - Sydney St James

Scene 5: Alicia Rio - Melanie Moore - PJ Sparxx

No Fly Zone

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