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Pleasure Production - 1995​


Tattooed New Jersey slut, Lisa Bloom transformed from blow-up doll into real life girl by big-boobed stripper Nicolina love runs amok with an endless supply of sex toys in this sequel to LOVE DOLL LUCY.


A Chantilly Lace anal pounding in Altantic City begins the deprave Lesbian Action and it doesn't quit until four new East Coast strippers have their hardcore cherries broken in.


A night-time limousine gashathon between super star Micky Lynn and Nicolina sets the pace for the anal-mania and six girl oil orgy that follows.


Starring: Micky Lynn - Roxxi Raye - China Lee - Lisa Bloom - Nancy Vee - Nicolina Fox - Krista - Arianna


Scene 1: Chantilly Lace - Lea

Scene 2: Nicollina Fox - Micky Lynn

Scene 3: Roxxi Raye - Krista - Arianna

Scene 4: Roxxi Raye - Krista

Scene 5: Roxxi Raye - China Lee - Nancy Vee - Nicollina Fox - Krista - Micky Lynn

Love Doll Lucy 2

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