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Las Vegas Video - 1995


Signature 100% Micky Lynn Series


Las Vegas Video Entertainment is proud to present the first installment of it "Signature Series" The significance of this series is that the main star is in every scene and encountering a variety of erotic situations.


Micky Lynn, In her triumphant return debut, seeks the help of a psychiatrist. She has a recurring dream that she finds out of the ordinary, but the good doctor teaches Micky that reality can be much stranger than fantasy.


Starring: Micky Lynn - Gerry Pike - Bridgette Monroe - Tony Martino - Sweetie Pie - Warren Scott


Scene 1: Micky Lynn - Gerry Pike

Scene 2: Micky Lynn - Tony Martino

Scene 3: Micky Lynn - Bridgette Monroe

Scene 4: Micky Lynn - Sweetie Pie - Warren Scott

Dream Reamin

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