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Coast To Coast Video - 1993 - VHS Video


This 2 sided 8x10 movie flyer/slick is from my personal collectible catalog and I can personally autograph it.


Uh-Oh, Mikki Lynn! In Her Very First Anal Adventure!


​The tramps through the flower bed! She breaks windows. She hoses down Mr. Wilson. But this is from Coast, so she's also a tramp in bed, who peeks through windows and hoses everyone in sight.


It's Frank Marino uproarious Anus The Menace, the horniest spoof in video. Starring adorable Micky Lynn and a cast that comes awfully close to the TV one.. and just keeps on coming. Anus The Menace.... It's definitely not for the anal retentive.


Starring: Micky Lynn - Sydney St James - Lacey Rose - Tom Bryon - Randy West - Shawn Ricks

Anus The Menace

SKU: ML0071
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