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Midnight Video - 1995


A Place Where Eruptions And Erections Cum Together


Even the Butt Sisters could use a vacation. As luck would have it, they win a Sun Tan Lotion Contest and score a free trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid!


Can Sun Tan Lotion double up as use for anal lube?


​Watch as these girls find out there’s more than just little puppies pulling down their bottoms on the beach.


Starring: Micky Lynn & Roxanna Hall


Co-Starring: Jill Kennedy - Melissa Monet - Steve Drake - Jerry Pike - Jake Williams


Scene 1: Micky Lynn - Gerry Pike

Scene 2: Jill Kelly - Steve Drake

Scene 3: Roxanne Hall - Steve Hatcher

Scene 4: Melissa Monet - Gerry Pike

Scene 5: Micky Lynn - Jill Kelly

Butt Sister's Do Hawaii

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