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Audio Recordings

Please Note:   This is exactly what the Members Area will look like and these are only a few photos for the tour once you join you will have full access to all my Audio Recordings.

My 30 minute Customized
CD or Digital Audio Recording

Audio CD Case.jpg
Audio Tape 2.jpg

Item #: ML0001- Volume 1: Interview, Dildo & Masturbation

This Audio Recording was done  in the 1990's when I had my fan club and I will be adding new once a month.  

Side One:
Listen to me in the privacy of my own home talking about myself and about me fucking you.  Length 15 Minutes

Audio Recording 1 Trailer

Audio Recording Side One Sample: Micky Lynn

Side Two:
Hear me moan and groan while I shove my fingers and a dildo in my wet pussy. Hear me cum on my bed, while I lick my tits and play with myself.  Length 15 Minutes

Audio Recording 2 Trailer

Audio Recording Side Two Sample: Micky Lynn

$25.00 plus $9.95 Shipping 

Item #: ML0002  -  Volume 2: Fucking & Sucking Guy

Side One:
Listen to me fuck a guy, I'll suck his cock so good that I will get you hard. Then I'll let him fuck me any way he wants. 
​ Length 15 Minutes

Side Two:
I'll have him stick his fingers in my ass first, then I'll have him fuck my tight asshole til we cum.   
​Length 15 Minutes

$35.00 plus $9.95 Shipping

Join my official members area and get unlimited access and I will be adding new content monthly..

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